AirPods Cleaning Kit - Easily clean wireless earphones

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Finally, a cleaning kit for your AirPods!

Easily clean inaccessible corners

Remove dust and wax build-up on the case and AirPods in an instant thanks to the Spudger Brush. This tool can be used multiple times and provides 94% residue removal when used with our supplied cotton swabs.

Extend the life of your Airpods by 30 seconds per week.

If you use our cleaning set, you extend the life of your wireless earbuds. Listening quality will be maintained longer and charging speed will be more efficient. The less dust and wax that builds up, the better your device will maintain its original performance.

Why our Cleaning Kit?

According to, the most common cause of muffled sound in your AirPods and other earbuds, whether wireless or wired, is from dirty speakers! Because the earplugs are in your ear canal, wax and other materials can build up over time, reducing sound quality and performance.

With our Cleaning Kit you don't have to compromise on sound quality while still maintaining optimal hygiene with a regular cleaning plan with your Cleaning Kit from FavMusthaves!

Step 1

Use the soft brush to brush away any large and visible dirt, wax or dust that has accumulated in your AirPods. Then use the cotton swab as a finishing touch to bring your AirPod back to perfect condition.

Step 2

Now insert the spudger brush into the housing of the AirPod and gently turn it clockwise. This will break off any gunk that sticks to the walls of the case and then use a cotton swab as a finishing touch.

Step 3

Finally, dust the housing with the dust-free cloth. This will remove the dirt on the surface of the device. To remove stains and dirt, open the wet alcohol wipe and rub the outside of the device, taking care not to get the USB channel wet. Then polish your device with the dry cloth!Veilig verzonden met de welbekende: 


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